non-human itch

non-human itch

valid & invalid coins of various currencies,
polypropylene plastic from strawberry and champignon mushroom baskets

The non-human itch

Evolution and comfort
The amount of bacteria covering your body is greater than all the thoughts we will ever think.
They are the UFOs (Unnoticed Fabulous Organisms) – with hands, hoofs and wings. They live and die in silence. Fading into the evolutionary scroll-history of their ancestral tree. We live together, humans and microorganisms, they inside and atop of us. When mining for meaning of life, don’t forget, you are a landscape with inhabitants. And they don’t care about you.

Oligodynamic effect of wishing wells
People may have unknowingly discovered the biocidal properties of both copper and silver; the two metals traditionally used in coins. Throwing coins made of either of these metals could help make well water safer to drink. Wells that were frequented by those that threw coins in may have been less affected by a range of bacterial infections making them seem more fortunate and may have even appeared to have cured people suffering from repeated infections.

from exhibition mold dust life energy, with Lisa Trogen Devgun & Paula Buškevica at IKOLONI, Malmö, Sweden 2019

installation views from the group exhibition evolution and comfort at Ta·da Space, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018

non-human itch IIII

polypropylene plastic from grape, avocado and champignon mushroom baskets

from the group exhibition mold dust life energy with Lisa Trogen Devgun & Paula Buškevica at IKOLONI, Malmö, Sweden 2019

Non-human itch II & Lisa Trogen Devguns work Lightweight (Copy1, Copy2, Copy3)

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