Cementa & Toyota – A Fable of Two Sisters

HD video with sound, 08:51 minutes

A film about two sculptures and their location in the industrial harbor of Malmö, Sweden.
The two sisters, Cementa and Toyota, reside on the last strip of public land amidst a large depot of imported cars and a colossal cement silo.
These two site-specific sculptures, one cast in concrete the other moulded in HDPE plastic from the area, contemplate on their situation, vaguely aware of the synthetic, artificial nature of themselves and their surroundings.



Cementa&Toyota6  Cementa&Toyota2 Cementa&Toyota20  Cementa&Toyota19  Cementa&Toyota17   Cementa&Toyota1Cementa&Toyota14  Cementa&Toyota12  Cementa&Toyota11  Cementa&Toyota13  Cementa&Toyota22  Cementa&Toyota25
Cementa & Toyota – A Fable of Two Sisters
(video stills)
HD video with sound, 08:51 minutes, 2016




_MG_5236 copy
Video installation in the group exhibition Aperto at Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, Italy, 2016


(rendering, work in progress)
concrete, plastic car bumpers, wood, 55 x 190 x 70 cm

The sculpture is intended to double as a bench for viewing the video
Cementa & Toyota – A Fable of Two Sisters.


Cementa & Toyota – A Fable of Two Sisters | 2016 | .